Fred Douglass Elementary

Patricia Tarrant, Assistant Principal

¡Hola!  I am Patricia Tarrant, Assistant Principal at Fred Douglass Elementary.  This is my third year as assistant principal. I previously taught five years of bilingual fourth grade and one year of Math intervention.  I am from Spain and met my husband (a JISD graduate) when I came to Texas A&M as an exchange student.  I have two sons. John, who attends our wonderful Dual Language program here at FD and Charlie, who is 2.  I am also the parent/teacher correspondent for our PTO.  We are an FD family and love being a part of JISD. 


I came to Fred Douglass because I wanted to be a part of their Dual Language and for my personal children to attend it.  I am passionate about bilingualism and love how we foster it here at FD.  We merge two languages under one big family. 


Please contact me if I can ever be of any help to you, your family or your child. We are always here to help you!